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Preferred Timeshare Resales BBB Business Review

Sell Your Timeshare Now!

Preferred Timeshare Resales has earned their reputation spanning 2+ decades, with thousands of successful timeshare resale transactions. Collectively, the seasoned agents at Preferred Timeshare Resales have over 120 Years of timeshare experience. Yes, experience does matter. Our average time to identify a buyer and close escrow, is only 90 days. All with no Upfront Fees.

Sellers who use licensed real estate brokers who specialize in the re-sale of timeshares, have a whopping 90% success rate over selling their timeshares by any other means. Why? #1: We understand the market. #2: Buyers feel safe using the services of a licensed Broker, rather than the uncertainty of working direct with the owner. This is wholly due to unscrupulous 'scam' activity around our industry in recent years. 

Sellers prefer to work with a licensed brokerage that specializes in timeshare resales in getting their timeshares sold, from overseeing the marketing of the timeshare, to ensure the contracts are executed properly, and escrow process goes smoothly.

Overall, Timeshare Sellers have enjoyed owning their timeshares: The American Resort Development Association (ARDA) statistics indicate that 83% of timeshare owners are satisfied with their ownership. Even with a high satisfaction rating, there are many reasons, typically personal in nature, which creates the need for timeshare owners to sell. However, whether sooner or later, it is important to understand your options on selling, whether now or in the future.

What is the difference between open market pricing, and developer presentation pricing?

The Open Market (also known as the resale market), is very different than developer presentation pricing. Timeshare developers price their inventory higher than the resale market, due to high marketing and sales overhead costs. The open market is driven purely by supply and demand, willing buyer/willing seller. Therefore, the open market never lies. In a Low Supply/High Demand situation, the open market brings higher and more stabilized pricing. In a High Supply/Low Demand situation, open market pricing softens.

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