Preferred Timeshare Testimonials

Preferred Timeshare Testimonials

With over 30 years of Timeshare experience, and 20 years as a specialist in timeshare sales and marketing, our President, Karen Phelan, founded Timeshare Giant.
With thousands of timeshares sold, Timeshare Giant is a culmination of Phelan's three decades of experience in the timeshare industry. Designed as a user-friendly web environment, in which buyers and sellers can come together, to negotiate and transact securely.

I can't say enough about Preferred Timeshare sales and their agent Sue McPherson! She was very honest and professional in her efforts to help me list and sell my timeshares. I felt her genuine and direct approach from the start and she followed through on everything she said she would do. The owner, Karen Phelan, also stepped in when there was a question about information delivered to me directly from the buying agent. It was quickly resolved in my favor. They pull no punches and just get the job done! This is very much appreciated as these transactions can cause nothing but stress from the beginning. Thank you for doing a great job and with the right intentions!
- R. Castillo

Our treatment by Preferred Timeshare Resales was smooth and efficient. All details handled in timely manner and a sense of humanity lacking in our techie existence.
-G. Oreskovich

Our experience with Preferred Timeshares Resales was very positive. The sales person was professional through the entire process. I highly recommend this resale company.
- B. Spietz

I had a well -known named time share is Arizona. I wanted to sell and the home resort told me I'd be 78th on the waiting list and they were selling about 14 a year! The home resort gave me a web site to find and outside agent. Preferred timeshare sales on that site and their home site made me feel at easy letting them handle the sale. You hear of horrors stories but none here! They kept me in the loop and sold my week in less than 2 months and for slightly more than the home resort quoted me. Great Job!
- D. Richards

Very courteous and to the point, did as advertised and sold our TS quickly.
- D. Brimmeier

Preferred Timeshares did a great job! Sold all 4 of my timeshares at market in just a few months.
- M. Oster

Preferred Timeshare Sales staff was knowledgeable, professional and easy to work with. They afforded me the best opportunity to sell my timeshare in a timely manner at a price that was much higher than any other company that I had interviewed. All-in-all, a GREAT experience!
- D. Pugliese

Preferred Timeshare Resales got me out of my timeshare for less money than anyone else I contacted. Our Grandchildren are no longer interested in visiting the timeshare and the annual maintenance fees were approaching $1,000.00 per year for my every-other-year timeshare. Preferred Timeshare Resales got me out of the contract. Their team was excellent, very polite and professional. They kept me fully informed throughout the entire process. I couldn't have had a more pleasant experience. Thank you.
- R. Craig

We sold our two Gold units at Aviara through Preferred Timeshare Resales. They were thorough, professional and lived up to all of their promises. They were helpful in navigating with Aviara, which was not particularly cooperative in the process and got the transaction completed on time.
- S. Arata

This is the only timeshare resale company, of many that I contacted, which was very professional and honest. Doing business with them was easy and straight forward.
- K. Achterman

I was very pleased with how smooth Preferred Timeshare Resale's process was through every step. Great to do business with these folks.
- D. Scheetz

My husband and I sold our Marriot timeshare through Preferred Timeshare Resale. We spoke with Fran initially and she gave us very good information in regards to what we could expect. The info she gave us was very honest and useful in preparing us for the sale. We were contacted several months later by Beth, when she had an offer for our timeshare. Beth was very professional and reliable. There were no upfront costs and all fees came out of the proceeds from the sale. Beth kept us informed as the sale progressed and we were very happy with the entire experience. I highly recommend Preferred Timeshare Resale for selling your timeshare.
- C. Sirpenski

I contacted Preferred Timeshare Resales to inquire about a possible sale of our Marriott points. The response was everything that we could have asked for - we received information about their company, the opportunity to read their reviews and a possible process for sale. We agreed to list our property and in a short time it had an offer - then Marriott elected to buy the property. The process worked well and we are pleased with the outcome.
- J. and M. Hoopes

We had a very good experience with Preferred Timeshare Resales. We decided that our timeshare was no longer appropriate for us and had researched various options for getting rid of it. Preferred offered the best option by far. Working with Preferred was easy and the search for a buyer progressed well in an orderly and timely fashion. It is great to be rid of the timeshare obligation.
- B. Burton

I was so very pleased working with Gena Grossman of Preferred Timeshare Resale's. Gena listened to my needs and wants and found several properties that would work. Gena is very professional and returns calls and emails in a timely manner. I can't wait to use our new timeshare. I highly recommend Gena and this company for anyone looking to buy a timeshare resale. I would definitely use them again should the need arise.
- H. Hellerstein

In a business segment with tons of "shady characters", Preferred Timeshares Resales is a shining star and an oasis of stability. I recently completed a transaction for the sale of my timeshare and while it was for an amount much less than I would have liked, this was a function more of the saturated market for timeshare resales than anything else. As I was done with using our timeshare and paying the annual fees (escalating at a ridiculous rate), I just wanted out. Sue McPherson made this happen. The experience was easy, pleasurable and painless. Sue takes the time to explain the process, makes herself available for questions or concerns during the sale and follows-up to button everything up. I couldn't have asked for a better or smoother process. If I had to sell another timeshare, my first call would be to Sue and Preferred Timeshare Resales. You can definitely count on an above board business that isn't shady, slimy or not looking out for you. Even when I first called Sue, when she walked me through the sales scenario, she was very upfront about how little I'd be able to recoup from my initial investment and said she's understand if I didn't want to follow through with a sale. She didn't try to run a game on me and the whole time I felt she took my interests and concerns to heart.
- J.Marx

Our family timeshare was sold in a professional manner.
- D. Elkins

Was a great experience working with Laura Posselt from Preferred Timeshare Resale, I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to sell their timeshare.
- T. Mather

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